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I’m no stranger to cozy knitwear. It’s one of my favourite things to buy in the winter (read: anytime the weather hits below 65 degrees), and it’s one of those items that I’ve got a list of go-brands to find my new season pieces.

In true winter style, I’ve done a little round-up of my favourite knitwear pieces for the season – both that are somewhat trend led, but also staple classics that will last in your wardrobe for years to come. There’s a bit of high-end, a bit of high street and a lot of in-between – and I can tell you, I’ve added a few of these to my basket and even to my Christmas list as well.

Let’s dig in.




Sézane is a brand that’s stolen my heart this year – I mean, taken it far away and not giving it back any time soon. It’s classic, romantic, effortless and luxurious. Sézane is a French brand that full-well captures the enviable ease of French-girl style, and it will leave you wanting more with every new-season launch.




Oh, how I love a good chunky knit. From cable knit to ribbed knitwear, I am a huge fan. Personally, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with having maybe one-too-many chunky knitwear pieces in your wardrobe. Something about a chunky knit to me says, “curl up by the fireplace with cider or whiskey and something sweet to nibble on.” It’s the ultimate cold-weather must-have.




On the days where the weather can be unpredictable – nothing is better than dressing in layers. If it’s chilly in the mornings but getting too warm for chunky knitwear in the afternoon, a light layer is the perfect compromise. Cashmere is my favourite option here – it’s warm yet light, great to add over a thermal top or a neutral base layer.




I work from home – so there’s been many a day when I want to put on something cozy but can’t be bothered to pull something on over my head. I know – quite the conundrum. Instead, I’d rather have an easy throw-on piece that has the cozy qualities of my favourite knitwear but has the added bonus of maybe having pockets too. Enter stage right, the cardigan. This classic silhouette is much more versatile than you’d think. No longer are there just the classic, button-front cardigans you may be used to. We’ve now been introduced to wrap styles, long line cardigans and even the bolder variety for those of us that love a colour injection in their wardrobe.




The turtleneck. Or the rollneck. Either way you call it, it’s the style I find myself gravitating towards the most in winter. My mum always says that, “it’s interesting how much noticeably warmer you stay when your neck is covered.” In this instance, she was speaking about scarves – but the concept is the same. I love a high neck in the colder months. It’s so easy just to throw on and know you’ll be warm throughout the day. I tend to gravitate toward neutral colours – my way of setting up a solid foundation for adding in any colour or print in my outer layers. Knitwear winter staple? Absolutely.




What’s better than your favourite sweater? A sweater dress! Okay, maybe not for everyone – but getting to wear a longer version of my favourite knitwear is something that I’ll happily sign up for, any day. Just like you’d imagine, there are a variety of styles available. Personally, I tend to favor those with an A-Line silhouette or a belted style that gives my waist a little definition. I love the longer styles that this season has seen introduced, as well as those with statement sleeves. It gives a little bit of excitement to an everyday outfit, and not to mention, it adds the warmth-factor that we’re all looking for in those cold winter months ahead!




What did you think? Are you as big of a knitwear fan as I am? I love looking through the new-in pages each season, it is such a source of inspiration and to be frank, a bit of fun too. Do you have any go-to knitwear brands that you love? What are they?

Until next, xoxo.




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