What’s on My Christmas List in 2022?

What’s on My Christmas List in 2022?

Did anyone else blink in June and all of the sudden it was the week before Thanksgiving? Just me? Regardless of how slowly or quickly this holiday season has snuck up on you – the Christmas season has and always will be my absolute favourite time of the year.

And of course, with the Christmas season comes Christmas wishes – and there’s no better place to aggregate all of the Christmas wishes you gather during the year than on a very special list.

I always loved the process of writing my Christmas list every year – it’s part of my decorating tradition: starting with the music, the movies, the food, glögg, the tree, wrapping and finally the list. Complete with cookies, as always. And so, that’s exactly what I’m going to do right now.



My 2022 Christmas List

No. 01: Penhaligons’ The Favourite


This may just be my favourite perfume I’ve ever tried. The Favourite is my favourite – ironic, no? Based primarily on mimosa, bergamont and sandalwood notes, this went from a scent that I really enjoyed to one of the ONLY scents I reach for. It’s been a five times over repurchase, and I don’t see it slowing down anytime soon. Aside from The Favourite, Penhaligons also has an incredibly beautiful line-up when it comes to fragrances, lotions, potions and even hair scents. It’s a good spot to shop if you’re looking to treat someone you love to a fragrance this year. If mimosa and sandalwood isn’t your thing, I’ve popped a couple of my other favourites from this British perfume house below.




No. 02: Overland “Ice-Gripper” Boots


If you’ve ever been to Minnesota before, you’ll know that it gets freezing cold here in the winter. Not only is it freezing cold, but it can get icy. Very, very icy. Very, very quickly. I’ve been eyeing this particular pair of ice-grip boots from the moment I came across Overland a few months ago. Not only are they a classic boot that will never date, they’re shearling-lined for that extra cozy factor AND they’ve got ice grips on the bottom that you can use on the iciest of winter days.

Also – if boots aren’t your thing, take a look at their slipper collection. Absolutely stunning. If you’re looking for a similar pair of boots, here’s some of my favourites for the season.




No. 03: A Shearling Jacket


Along the same lines as chilly-weather footwear, who doesn’t love a jacket for those chilly months, too? I’ve had my eye on a shearling jacket for a couple of years, and what better than a leather jacket lined with shearling to do the trick?

Not only will it keep you super warm in the autumnal season, but with the right layering undearneath – it could even take you through the coldest of winter months too. Here’s a couple of my favourite shearling jackets in case you fancy having a look.




No. 04: A State Park Pass


This is for my US-based friends (and most specifically, my Minnesota based friends) here. My love for Minnesota’s state parks is something I’ve never kept a secret. Whether it’s Temperance River, Judge CR Magney, Sugarloaf Cove, Black Beach Park, Gooseberry Falls or Split Rock up north, or one of the many other beautiful parks in Minnesota – it’s worth looking at a pass if you’re keen to go to a few this coming year. Plus, it helps support the DNR too – double bonus!

It’s also a great option if you’re on a budget – for less than $40, you have unlimited access to all 75 of Minnesota’s state parks and recreation centers. If you’re keen on some new hiking gear, take a look at these beauties below that are perfect for the trail.




No. 05: A Strathberry Handbag


Strathberry is one of my favourite mid-range designer brands on the market. It’s a Scottish label, with beautiful craftsmanship behind every piece. From larger handbags to small wallets and cardholders, they’ve got a little something for everyone if you’re looking to treat yourself this holiday season.




No. 06: A Statement Ring

Whomever said statement rings should be reserved for wedding rings clearly didn’t get the memo. Personally, I love a statement signet ring or a non-diamond gemstone adorning my fingers.

As of late, I’ve had my eye on this statement garnet ring from Mejuri. I love that it’s bold, but not too overwhelming that it should only be saved for a special occasion.

Admittedly though, it’s hard to pick when Mejuri has so many beautiful options in 14k gold. They say diamonds are forever – but I think this whole line has forever in mind.



Those are my big six for this year – of course, there’s plenty of other goodies that I’m lusting over…a gorgeous red wine, a magnificent bourbon, a travel experience or maybe even a fabulous dinner at the new Four Seasons in Minneapolis. But that’s a story for another time. What’s on your Christmas list this year?



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