Travel Diaries: Taking a Time Out

Hi guys. Back at it again with the travel diaries – this time on a topic that I sometimes grapple with getting a handle on. Fear of missing out. We’ve all felt it at some point – whether you’re travelling, in need of a lazy day and your friend calls you up or there’s somewhere else you could be. It’s tough to wrestle with, I think. To be somewhere and wanting to be elsewhere or having to say ‘no’ can cause stress – especially if it’s a ‘no’ that you don’t particularly want to say. When, then, does there come an appropriate time to call ‘time out’ for yourself?



Pulling back on the reigns for yourself takes a lot of discipline. I’m sure that you’ve heard it from many sources – people close to you, the internet or forcefully had to learn the hard way. Usually it comes in the form of “listen to your body” or “take care of yourself”, trying to get at the point that you can’t always do all of the things. Sometimes you need a time out, a short break or a day off. When I travel, especially with other people, I’m used to the early rising and the early exploring. Make the most out of the day. See as much as you can. Pack your day full and return home exhausted, ready for the next day. I realized on my last solo trip that this was not the style of travel that I enjoyed every time I went somewhere.

On my last trip, I would feel rather guilty for leaving my hotel or AirBnB at eleven in the morning. Taking my time with breakfast and a coffee rather than rushing out of the door made me feel as though I was missing something. However, I learned an important lesson in doing this. I realized that taking time out in the morning to start your day relaxed rather than stressed was my favourite way to travel. I loved it. I enjoyed my trip more – I felt more productive. Maybe this is the work-from-home mentality kicking in, but I felt the need to start my day before I started my day out and about. I needed the time to myself to really enjoy seeing new things.



Now, I’m not saying that the early rising is bad. Heck, as someone that enjoys photography – both in my career and as a hobby – I love watching the sun rise. However, I recognize that I could maybe do this twice in one trip. At the maximum. I’m not an early morning person. Usually, I’ll find myself awake by seven in the morning, but I don’t like to be out and about until ten. Granted this is a personal preference, and I do tend to enjoy that relaxed start.



But, getting back on track – learning when to call “time out” becomes something in the busy day to day life that you need to learn how to do. With burnout on the rise – it becomes necessary to find ways in which you can de-stress and learn to relax. Sometimes this comes from taking a little bit of extra time in the morning to scheduling time to sit in the sun and enjoy reading a book. My favourite way to spend my down time is at a pavement café, sitting with something steaming and watching the people walk by. Call it watching the paint dry – I find it fascinating. Also, if I might add, a great way to find inspiration for upcoming wardrobe updates.

I can understand why people love to get an early start. Similarly, I can understand why people love a jammed day full of things to do. But, if I’m being honest – I’m getting a little bit tired of the constant need to be busy. I find myself enjoying taking mind breaks and realizing when my efforts and time are better spent elsewhere. It feels almost as though there is a weight lifted off your shoulders as well as this rushing sensation of taking control over your life again – and you know what? I love that feeling.



Do you ever find yourself in need of a time out? What do you do when you find your body giving you those gentle knocks on when it is the time to slow down? Do you listen, or do you ignore them? I’d love to hear your thoughts about this topic – let me know in the comments and perhaps we could have a quick chat. Until next, xoxo.



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