London by Coffee: The Espresso Room – Holborn

One of my favourite things about travelling to new places is finding the quaint little coffee shops that tend to be neighbourhood secrets. Coffee shops and cafes are wonderful places. Whether you like to people watch, have a bite to eat or find something to perk you up – odds are, you’re in luck. Often, I find myself in coffee shops that peak my interest in many ways. Design, music choice, coffee quality, interesting staff, tasty pastries or even straight down to the atmosphere they create. Each little shop has it’s own unique personality. Especially when they’re tucked away on side streets or are a neighbourhood’s hidden gem.



The other day, I found myself in a coffee shop in Holborn. Central London can be very busy – shocker, I know. But with all the busyness of a city, I find myself most impressed with with the coffee shops that transport you away from the chaos, even if only for a moment. The Espresso Room is one such place.


It’s been one of my favourites in London for a while. Perhaps about two years or so. The Espresso Room is quite chilled out, with a friendly staff that dance behind the bar and who always seem to have smiles on their faces. Even if it weren’t for the staff, The Espresso Room has granola bars that could make one dare to brave Central London at rush hour. It’s a coffee shop in London that, in my opinion, you shouldn’t skip.



It’s located just near the Holborn tube. Which is fantastic if you’re like me, and usually thirsty after a commute. Whether I’m in The Espresso Room for writing or just to enjoy a bit of coffee – I always look forward to walking through the doors. It’s a place in which I find major inspiration, and actually, some of my best writing has come from being sat in this quaint little London coffee shop.



Navigating by food is fantastic. Navigating by coffee is even better. London by Coffee is a new series bring to you my best coffee stops and cafes throughout the city. I hope you enjoy this thoroughly caffeinated and short but sweet round up. If you have any recommendations, please pop them into the comments below! Until next, xoxo.



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