Swimming Costumes: Not Just for the Beach

One-piece swimming costumes have made a recent return to the beach scene, a trend that I happen to be quite smitten with. Now, everyone knows that you can wear a swimming costume to the beach or poolside – basically a no-brainer. But recently, I stumbled across an article that suggested styling swimming costumes for occasions other than the beach. Of course, I had to try these suggestions out myself.


SwimCostumeSW (1 of 1).jpg


My favourite option for styling swimming costumes away from the beach is to incorporate them in a casual look. Because it is one piece, the cosie works quite well as a bodysuit. I’ve always loved a sleek look, so I went for an all-black number with a lovely cross-up detail in the front. In order to dress this piece down, I opted for some distressed boyfriend denim in a light hue. I love the contrast between the dark and light colours, it makes for great visual interest especially when paired with another fun texture.


SwimCostumeSW (1 of 5)


I have been searching like mad to find new ways to style this cardigan. Usually I opt for a dark denim look, but being able to pair it with this lighter wash of denim was rather refreshing. The colour is soft, but the texture is somewhat unexpected. I honestly feel as though I am wearing a cozy blanket all day – and I love that.


SwimCostumeSW (3 of 5).jpg


For shoes, I wanted to keep the focus on the swimming costume, so I continued the soft colour palate with a white loafer. I have been wearing these shoes so often, incredibly comfortable and quite sleek – perfect for any summer look. For a lady that loves wearing heels, on the days your feet need a little break, loafers are quite the chic alternative.


SwimCostumeSW (4 of 5).jpg


What do you think about styling swimming costumes as streetwear? Love it or hate it? Let me know in the comments! Until next, xoxo.


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