Smooth Like Whiskey

Sometimes the best chicken soup for the soul is a whiskey and a dance. At least, that’s true for me. I find when I let myself alone with my thoughts, it’s the subtle notes of the whiskey and the sugar sweet guitar riffs of a rock song that really resonate.

For some, their thoughts are a retreat – the introverts that like to spend time on their own to recharge, reclaim and energize. For me, a chronic over-thinker, they tend to be something that I push aside. I don’t need to spend hours dwelling on a topic, because I know if I do, it won’t just be hours. It will be days. Long days, drinking in the sunlight and waiting for the night to take over.


minneapolis skyline


Something about the stars in the late evening, chasing away the sun, is my idea of freedom. It’s where the day washes away, and you can reinvent yourself should you choose. Or, if you prefer, you can stay the same.

There’s something about darkness that gives intimacy its peak. Insecurities don’t exist. The barriers drop. Clothes fall away. All that’s left is the bare nakedness of body and mind. The whispers are like caresses. A silent look can change your world. A lack of words can be more deafening than the loudest storm.

The carafe is open, and the whiskey is less of a comfort but more of an accessory to a sensory-indulgent night.



It changes though. The morning. It changes everything. The second your eyes open and you stand, it changes. The carafe is closed, you grab your clothes. Your barriers. The insecurities. Walls are built back up, stronger than before and well-enforced with barbs. Your way of protection perhaps.

The barbed walls are comfort for you in the daylight. It’s what you hide behind. You’ll tell people you need no one, that you don’t belong to anyone and no one to you. You’re free…but in a completely different way. It’s not the stars chasing the sun that frees you anymore. It’s the deafening silence of breath in the bed behind you, still deep in slumber. The sunrays are now chasing you, and the walls are suffocating you until you release yourself back into the sunlight to drink in the rays once again.



It’s crazy isn’t it? How suddenly something can change? You’re close but feel far apart. The emotions that are felt are so intense, but they terrify you. You’re scared of how you feel, because it just might be possible that they could be the one to hurt you the most.

So instead, you walk into the sun. Wait for the evening to come and the stars to once again lay claim to the sky. You put on your favourite music and take a glass from the tray. Whiskey is poured from the carafe and once again you try and let your barriers fall away. This time, maybe. Just maybe. They might stay down for good.


The Look




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