Musings from London: Veganism, The London Underground and Chronic Brunching

I had an idea whilst sat on the tube today. Got around to thinking that it may have a bit of an entertainment factor, at least, experiencing these myself gave me a bit of a laugh. Time Out London does something similar, called Word on The Street taking some of the wildest overheard bits from Londoners on the street rushing about from meeting to meeting, nipping out for a quick lunch or hopping to the pub for a night out. Some of these things really make you pause and think, “Did someone REALLY say that, or are they just making these up?” My list, whilst not all eavesdropped bits of conversations may be the latest advert that captivated my attention, an interesting waiter at a restaurant, a book that made me outright have a giggling fit in the shop – anything that comes to mind.


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I’m sure we’re all familiar with the veganism-craze that seems to be taking major cities and the rest of the world by storm. Being in London for a healthy part of the past few years, I’ve dabbled a bit with vegan cooking and even trying some vegan options from restaurant menus all over the city. My verdict – vegan cooking can be quite good, and in all honesty is something that I’d like to learn how to do. Would I consider myself a vegan? Absolutely not. I’m sure we’ve all heard the arguments for why veganism is quite good for the body and for the environment, but let me give you my three reasons as to why this way of eating wouldn’t be conducive to my lifestyle.

The reasons I give may seem a bit frivolous, but are actually some of my favourite guilty pleasures to indulge in. The first being cheese. Plain and simple, I couldn’t give that up. One of my favourite ways to spend a summer evening is with a delightful spread of cheeses, fruits, jams and wine along with fantastic company – and the vegan alternatives, in my opinion, are not as tantalizing. Second being coffees. I’ve tried and tried to get on to the oat milk and almond milk coffee trends, but I’ve had to force myself to finish my drink each time I’ve ordered one.

For me, nothing can replace a divine latte with a regular milk. Lastly, I love eating eggs in the morning – scrambled with avocado and toast, rolled into a burrito, made into a scramble with spinach and peppers, the possibilities are plentiful. Whilst not all of us will be jumping on the veganism wagon, for those of you that are, I’ve found a book perfect for you – a cookbook titled How to Be Vegan (and Keep Your Friends). When I saw the title, I had a proper giggle in the shop and immediately took a snap. I even had the chance to look through a few of the recipes and actually noticed one for a good coconut curry – if you’re keen on curries, then you’re in luck!


Monochrome Minimalist, Veganism, Vegan Cookbook, Travel. London



I’m aware that the tube can be tricky to maneuver. From sticky situations of services being cancelled or delays on the Central Line, we’ve all been there. Although, there do tend to be some fantastic moments that are quite hard to not take note of – even if it is for a petty laugh to yourself. Today I noticed that Londoners have a certain way of communicating with each other on the tube – a form of communication that I am not unfamiliar with, as I’ve used it many times myself with other Londoners around the city. What is this communication tactic, you might ask? The eye contact, eye-roll and shrug all muddled into one look.

Usually you’ll see Londoners exchanging this look with a very vivid “Excuse me!” when someone is standing on the left instead of the right on the escalators down to platform level, perhaps when someone jams into a person trying to overcrowd a lift or a tube car or lastly, if someone does something rather uncharacteristically clumsy for the given situation. Today was a reason for the latter – as someone sat down on the tube bench, but in doing so got the armrest instead and fell off onto the feet of a nearby gentleman. Queue the eye contact, eyeroll and shrug amidst a silent giggle with the person sat directly across from him. It’s almost a silent language, but quite entertaining to notice once you’ve picked up on it.


Monochrome Minimalist, Veganism, Vegan Cookbook, Travel. London, Holborn, The Espresso Room, London Coffee Shop



If there is one thing that I love to spend money on, it’s good food. Place a new brunch spot on the scene, odds are, I’ll have asked at least two of my friends to try it with me within one month of its opening. One little piece of wisdom that I’ve picked up over the past year from a previous professor of mine is that you never eat with your enemies. Meaning, whenever you sit down to eat, its common that you are amongst family and friends. I see that being true in my own life, often the people that I’m going to dinners, the pub, brunches or a cheeky coffee date, they’re all friends. Some of the best conversations and catch-ups I’ve ever had have been over a good meal – and I find myself dwelling on these memories. Not just in remembering the food consumed, but also the incredible chats and memories that came with it.

Depending on your brunching style, I have a few places in London that I would definitely recommend if you’ve not yet been to the city or are just looking to try some place new.



  • The Drury (188-189 Drury Ln, London WC2B 5QD)
  • FarmGirl Cafe (59A Portobello Rd, London W11 3DB)
  • The Espresso Room – Holborn (23 Southampton Row, London WC1B 5HA)
  • B Street Deli (88 Bermondsey St, London SE1 3UB)



  • FarmGirl Cafe (59A Portobello Rd, London W11 3DB)
  • Farmacy (74-76 Westbourne Grove, London W2 5SH)
  • Petersham Nurseries – Covent Garden (Petersham Nurseries, Floral Court, London, WC2E 8JD)


Monochrome Minimalist, Veganism, Vegan Cookbook, Travel. London, Holborn, The Espresso Room, London Coffee Shop


Fast-paced city living and forever dependent on the oh-so-tantalizing cup of steaming espresso, the mumblings and bumblings of London will continue on for another day. Have any of you tried any of my favourite spots to stop for a bite? I’d love to hear in the comments! Until next, xoxo.


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