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Sometimes it seems as though one of the main questions I see on popular bloggers’, influencers’ or content creators’ feeds has to do with how they’ve achieved their image style or an edit. Sure – it may be phrased differently depending on who does the asking, but the curiosity remains. How can I get the soft, muted pastel colour grading like Jack Morris from Do You Travel? How can I achieve the deeper-toned, moody feed that creates a feeling of intimacy and richness? I’ve even asked the question myself many times over. I’ve even purchased presets from other photographers that I quite enjoyed.



Personally, when I edit my photos – I stay away from editing apps. This is not to say that they do a bad job. I really enjoyed using the A3 preset from VSCO for many years before switching to a desktop editing process. If you take a look through my personal Instagram feed, you’ll notice that you’ll be hard-pressed to find an image taken with anything but a DSLR. I prefer the depth of field that I can get on my camera rather than that of my phone. That being said, all of my editing processes are done with Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop. I love the creativity of post-production editing and colour grading. Over time, you may even find yourself creating or preferring a certain style that comes through with your editing tendencies.

This brings me to an exciting announcement – the arrival of the Monochrome Minimalist Presets. As I’ve been editing my images in Adobe Lightroom for nearly three years now, I’ve noticed a very distinct style translated into my photos. It’s dark. Moody. Romantic. Sultry. Dynamic. Luxe. Most importantly, it’s editorial. I like to go for a play on film and a feeling as though the image has been taken straight from the pages of a magazine. The Minneapolis Preset Pack is the first of the Monochrome Minimalist Presets to launch. This particular preset pack is one that I love for toning down bright imagery as well as making interior photos truly sing.



Because I shoot my images with a DSLR, I only shoot in RAW. For those of you not familiar with what a RAW file is, it simply means that it is a file format in which much more information is saved. Basically, it’s the file format that allows you to have the most editing flexibility in post-production. Keeping this in mind, I created the Monochrome Minimalist Presets to work best with the RAW file format. However, having said this, the presets will work with JPEG format (which is your standard phone camera or DSLR setting), you just won’t have as much editing flexibility when you go to edit your images.

One thing that was very important to me when creating these presets was the feeling that the final images could invoke. I love dark, moody, romantic images. When I take brighter images, I like to tone down the highlights, warm up the photo and make the blue tones pop. Something about deep aqua, strong earth tones and rusty oranges excite me when I see photos in magazine editorials – and so, I wanted to create my dream version of editing presets to create this look in my own photos. The cool thing is, whilst each of these presets were created differently, they were designed to work together to create a cohesive, luxurious look. So, whether it’s to work on a branding project, change up the feel of your personal images for your own enjoyment or to create a beautiful Instagram grid, these presets may just be for you. I hope you enjoy them.


Adobe Lightroom Presets, Monochrome Minimalist Presets, Minneapolis Preset Pack


If you decide that you would like to purchase these presets – firstly, I’d like to thank you for your support. Also, as an extra ‘thank-you’, I’d like to offer a special 15% off discount code ( giveme15 ) for the Monochrome Minimalist Presets during launch month.




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