Living in Layers: Stay Warm & Chic this Winter

Happy November! I don’t know about you, but it seems as though I have no idea where October and the warm sun from the beginning of the month has gone. Lately, each time I’ve stepped outside of my house I’ve had to run back inside almost instantly for another layer. We’ve just had the first snow of the season, and that means that it’s time to pull out the bulky layers in the hope of staying warm outside. Personally, I’ve always loved the snowy seasons. Though they may be a bit cold, there is just so much beauty surrounding cities in the wintertime – not to mention, it’s a good reason to bring out my favourite coats and layering pieces from the previous season.


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Firstly, I’m letting you in on my biggest layering secret – it’s by no means new, but it works incredibly well. Here it is: thermals. Honestly, they’re my favourite cozy trick in the book. Surely I’m not alone in this – but I wear sweaters and high-neck tops nearly every day in the winter. For an extra layer of warmth underneath knitwear, a thermal is perfect. I love that I can add extra warmth to my look without compromising the fashionable aspect, as the thermal is quite discreet and hard to notice underneath most garments.


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Moving on to knitwear (my absolute favourite thing to shop for!!), the style to go for depends on your silhouette preferences. Some may be keen on a crew-neck style knit, or maybe like me – you’re keen on the turtleneck knits. Personally, I love a cozy knit that also keeps my neck warm. One thing to keep in mind when choosing knitwear is balance. Layering can be a bit tricky at times. It’s pretty easy to get lost in the fabric with so many layers trying to combat the freezing temperatures. If you’re wanting an over-sized look to your knitwear, maybe choose an outerwear piece that is a bit more tailored. The same can be said in terms of colours. If you’re going lighter with the knitwear, maybe choose a coat in a contrasting colour – perhaps one of this season’s lust-worthy shades, a deep burgundy.


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Speaking of coats, I have a bit of a go-to look if I’m going for multiple layers. Belted coats are, in my opinion, seriously underrated. I love how they can cinch you in and recreate the silhouette that you may have lost underneath the layers. Because I live in an area that gets quite cold, I like to go for a thick wool coat or a chic puffer. Because outerwear is typically one of the only parts of an outfit that you’ll see, I love going for a classic silhouette in a bold colour or pattern.


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Lastly, one of the most forgotten parts of a cold weather look – the accessories. Cold weather accessories are one of the most important layers that you can wear, it never hurts to have a warm hat or a good pair of gloves. One of my favourite cold weather accessories to invest in is a scarf. The one that I wear the most at the moment is a cashmere and lamb’s wool blend. It was definitely more of an investment piece, but the amount of wear I’ve gotten out of it has brought the cost per wear down. For gloves, I tend to go for a leather glove with a cozy lining. I like how the leather keeps the wind off my hands, and keeps them nice and toasty. To keep my head warm, I like to go for a knitted beanie-style hat with a bauble on the top. They’re quite warm and practical, and I find that this style suits me best.


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How do you like to layer when it gets cold? What’s your favourite go-to outfit? Let me know in the comments! Xoxo


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