How to Make a New City Feel Like Home

Over the past few months, I have been living out of a suitcase. Being in a new city nearly every weekend often makes one long for the comforts that home can bring. Like coffee in your favourite mug, or the coziest blanket that is kept on the end of your bed. Missing home is quite common, but in living this way for these last months, I’ve found a couple ways to make new cities feel a bit smaller and a bit more like home.


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Making a new city to seem more familiar is easier than one might think. Finding a favourite coffee shop, cafe, or breakfast spot is a great way to start. In doing so, you can get to know a few people and have a comfortable place to chill out on weekends. I loved being able to navigate new cities by my favourite coffee shops, pubs, and brunch spots. It made the unfamiliar become familiar, and also was quite nice when I wanted to find a good spot to satisfy a rumbling belly.

If you like being outside, another way to make a new city feel like home is to find a lovely garden or park that you can relax and enjoy the sunshine in, maybe even read a good book or get in a good workout. Local markets are also an incredible way to experience a new city – always so vibrant and slightly chaotic, but often having the most amazing finds. All in all, new cities can be quite fun to experience – and in doing so, maybe you can find a home away from home.


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How do you like to explore new cities? Are you as keen on navigating by mouth-watering food stops as I am? I’d love to hear your tips!

Until next, xoxo.


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