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As we focus so frequently on moving forward and keeping up with the times, I find that it’s most important to remember where we came from. Our histories, our roots and learning to appreciate our past. Boutique hotels are beginning to pop up worldwide, embracing this exact principle. How can we stand out? How can we modernize without losing sight of our beginnings? It’s an interesting question – both from a branding perspective as well as a perspective in which one begins to appreciate their surroundings that much more.

There is one such hotel in Minneapolis, of which I am quite fond of. The Hewing Hotel, a rather large boutique hotel in the North Loop of Minneapolis, is quite well known for its historical charm. With simple, but purposeful décor and a Scandinavian inspiration – the Hewing Hotel is a hotspot for those craving simplistic elegance, both in the food and cocktails served at their rooftop and restaurant as well as the welcoming layout of their rooms. Upon visiting the Hewing just last month – this feeling of historical, simple elegance is something that I felt the second I walked in the door. The hotel practically wears its history on the walls, with doors from the original tractor factory that used to reside in the building and small little pieces on the shelves that make you feel instantly at home.


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I love a good meal. In fact, going out for food, coffees or drinks may just be my favourite thing to spend money on. Maybe you’ve heard this theory before, but something I believe to be very true is that you only share meals with friends. Thus, going out to eat is always done with the presence of people you enjoy spending your time with. If you’re not familiar with the Hewing Hotel, they have quite a wonderful restaurant located on the ground floor. The Tullibee is known, not only for its incredible food but also their signature cocktail list. This has been tried and tested by yours truly – and I can say with confidence that the seasonal G&T is my absolute favourite. This drink is done in partnership with Spruce Soda Co., a company that creates one-of-a-kind cocktail mixers and craft sodas. I think I’ve just heard the clink of cocktail glasses – or maybe that’s just me craving the new summer orange blossom tonic that they’ve recently begun to incorporate into their drinks. Your guess is as good as mine.

If brunch is more your cup of tea – you’re in luck. As someone who prefers brunch to an early brekkie myself, a rooftop brunch is something quite up my street. If the same rings true for you, the Hewing Hotel has brought theirs back with a bang. I’m talking waffles, savory bites and lovely, light cocktails for those that want to start their morning on a high note. As I’m one that has a major sweet tooth, the waffle is the one I’d find myself going for. Every. Single. Time. Not a shred of guilt about it, either.


Hewing Hotel Lounge, Banana Republic



Stay-cations are all rage. It doesn’t matter if you have the budget to travel somewhere far away or just a few miles down the road, treating yourself to a lovely hotel stay for a weekend is never overrated. Whether or not you love simple luxury or ultra-modern, the Hewing Hotel has a unique charm that entrances each person that walks through its doors. Even if you’re a local, there’s a pull from this hotel that will make it hard not to want to stay.


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Life is stressful. Whether it’s running back and forth to meetings all day or a massive deal at work that is looming just ahead, it can be a lot to carry on your shoulders. Sometimes you wish it could just melt away, even if for only a few hours.

As part of the Hewing Hotel’s luxury experience, you can book in to use their sauna and rooftop hot tub. Which, if I might add, is my favourite part about this hotel…other than the gin, of course. I’m quite the fan of a good hot tub. I mean, god knows I would love to constantly have access to one. I find them to be so relaxing – even better when they’re on a beautiful rooftop with a postcard view of a city skyline.


Hewing Hotel Rooftop, Minneapolis Skyline


As luxury boutique hotels appear to be all the rage as of late, that bodes the question – what key features decide where you’d like to stay? Is it the amenities, like a gym or swimming facility? Perhaps the food (or the gin)? Maybe it could be the historic or modern charm that is encapsulated within the hotel? I think we all know what I would pick. (If you guessed all of them, you’re right). Have you ever stayed at the Hewing Hotel? What did you think? Until next, xoxo.



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