Five Reasons to Look Forward to Colder Weather

The colder seasons have always been my favourite. I love the atmosphere, holiday traditions, and the cozy knits that you can wrap up in when weather gets frigid. Sometimes I feel as though there are years that I like to embrace the cold weather (and the masses of snow that come along with it!) and years that I don’t like to embrace it as much. This year, however, I’m quite excited to have loads of snow on the ground, and I wanted to share with you all the five reasons that I’m looking forward to colder weather this year.


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Being a fashion blogger, I had to start off with knitwear. My absolute favourite part about cold weather is finally being able to wear cozy sweaters every day. I love the feeling of being warm and bundled up, which makes knits my favourite thing to shop for when it’s cold outside. There are so many silhouettes and necklines to choose from (and can I just mention that Christmas sweaters are about to come back into fashion?!) which makes finding the coziest knit a relatively easy task each season. I’ve lived on the firm belief that one can never have too many sweaters, especially if you live in a super cold area like me.  I’m currently on the hunt for a cream cable knit sweater, so if you have any suggestions on where to find a good one, let me know!


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Whenever it gets cold outside, I always find myself reaching for a warm mug of something – whether that be tea, coffee, a hot toddy, you name it. Part of this has to do with being able to get some lovely new homeware pieces to make drinking these that much more enjoyable. Seeing so many new collections coming out always makes me giddy for the holiday season – the greys, maroons, golds, and silvers. At the moment, my favourite mug to drink from is a light grey colour, and it looks as though it has icicles dripping from the rim. The rich colour palate, a warm tea or coffee, and a cozy blanket makes for a lovely morning in the chilly seasons ahead.


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Now – for so many people’s favourite topic, food. The upcoming seasons tend to be the go-to time of year for comfort food, and if I’m being honest, I’m completely on board with that. Somehow, (maybe it’s just me!) it seems as though food gets tastier as the temperatures drop. Butternut squash soup, jacket potatoes, and chicken noodle soup are some of my favourites. I just love the smell of roasting vegetables in the oven, or anything with an added cinnamon spice. On that note, I’ve had my first cinnamon roll of the season – it was to die for.


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The holidays are fast approaching, and that leads me on to the fourth reason to look forward to the colder weather ahead. If you’re from the US or Canada, you’ll be most familiar with Thanksgiving. I’ve always loved getting together with my family, and eating so much food that I tend to nap for hours after the meal has ended. I won’t lie, one of my favourite parts of the Thanksgiving family meal is the dessert afterward – especially the pumpkin pie. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. My favourite holiday of the cold months, however, would definitely have to be Christmas. I love the colours associated with it, the smell of pine, and the crunch of snow underfoot – but there will be another post on why Christmas is my favourite holiday later on.


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Speaking on the topic of holidays, comes the topic of holiday shopping (yay!). I love when my favourite autumnal items go into the sale as Black Friday approaches, and getting the clue in to new styles and trends for the upcoming months. The decorations around the malls and shopping centers are always so lovely too, which always gets me in the mood to shop for some new pieces to treat my friends and family (or the occasional cheeky treat for myself) to.


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What do you love the most about the cold weather seasons? Are you looking forward to the holidays as much as I am? Let me know in the comments! Until next, xoxo.




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