Monochrome Minimalist is a collection of opinions, all belonging to me (Gretchen Reese) and no others. I value reliability and honesty very much, and my opinions reflect that. I would never feature a product or item on this blog that I would not sincerely recommend to my closest friends or family members. This being said, you can count on each opinion recorded to be genuine. I am occasionally sent PR product samples in the post, and I am under no obligation to review all products sent to me in a positive light. If I wouldn’t recommend the products to my family/friends, you will not find it on Monochrome Minimalist.


Affiliate Links

Monochrome Minimalist DOES use affiliate links and is part of the RewardStyle Affiliate Program. This means that I may make a small commission off a purchase that you make using a link from this blog. This does NOT charge you as the consumer extra, this comes purely from the brand as a ‘thank you’ for showing you their product(s). Affiliate links are placed in the articles after they are written, which means that they do not affect my review of the product or item in any way.


Sponsored Content

This blog will occasionally feature sponsored content. This means that I am financially compensated to write the article featured. Each sponsored post will be clearly marked as such, with #AD or mentioning who has sponsored the article at the very top or bottom of the post. Not all content on this blog is sponsored – I will only publish the sponsored content on Monochrome Minimalist if I feel as though the content is related to my blog and will be enjoyed by my readers.

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