Coffee Shop Craze: Canteen 3255

Coffee shops decorate nearly every city and small town. Popular shops or lesser known, they are everywhere. Recently, I’ve stumbled upon a cute little shop that has quickly become a new favourite. I had been wanting to try the Canteen for quite some time – I had always admired the aesthetic from the outside, but never had the chance to step inside.

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Recently, I was walking past the Canteen on my way home from an afternoon meeting and decided to stop in. Upon stepping into the shop, I was immediately smitten with the chilled-out minimalist aesthetic. The wooden floors and rustic bar area were quite charming, and I absolutely adored just how bright the space was. My order was no different from the usual latte and because I was feeling particularly sweet, a chocolate chip cookie. The Canteen uses Dogwood Coffee as well as Kickapoo Coffee, both local roasters to the Midwestern United States.

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The latte I had was absolutely fantastic, it was incredibly smooth with the loveliest design in the foam on top. As this was my first time at the Canteen, I have not tried the other drinks offered. The drink menu was very similar to most other coffee shops, but because the Canteen is a specialty coffee shop – the extra time spent on each drink makes the coffee all the more better. Easily said, I am looking forward to coming back again soon.


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Do you have any favourite coffee shops that you love? What is your typical coffee order? Let me know in the comments below!

Until next, xoxo.


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