What’s on My Christmas List for 2019?

It’s my favourite time of the year – and not just because the songs are saying it’s the most wonderful. Throughout my life, there’s always been something about Christmas – the twinkling lights, snow on the ground, chill in the air, spending time with your loved ones – that I absolutely adore.

One of my favourite holiday activities is having a warm cider and something sweet, popping on a Christmas movie and wrapping gifts that you’ve either made or bought for the people in your life. Last year, I made little beanie hats with customized leather prints with the name of the recipient on them. It might have just been my favourite gift yet.



As one does, I usually write a Christmas list every year – if people ask you what you’d like for Christmas, you have a reference guide. OR, it’s a wish-list that maybe you might pick one or two items from to treat yourself. Most often, I do the latter. AFTER Christmas of course, when the sales are the best.

So, without further ado, let’s dig into my list.



I love a good sneaker. Especially when they’re high-quality, leather and look incredibly polished. The Jack sneakers from Sézane are first on my Christmas list for this very reason – the quality is impeccable, they’ll elevate any casual look you wear them with, and they’re SUPER comfortable. Long walks in the countryside, a day of meetings in the city – these sneakers are a year-round favourite, and they come in a few different colours too. Though, coming as no surprise I’m sure, my favourite is the black pair.





Ahh, the beloved Anine Bing boots. An LA-based, Danish designer – Anine Bing is the embodiment of elevated casual style that everyone craving the effortless, off-duty look is seen lusting after. Myself included. As I’ve always been a “heels girl”, it’s not a far stretch to assume that her footwear has caught my eye. However, this season, I’ve found myself favouring a lower heel. My feet are thanking me for this little switch; and to be perfectly honest, I think this may be one of my favourite trends of the year. Anine Bing’s boots are that of legend – the perfect mini heel that makes you feel like you could be going from NYC as a top fashion editor to London’s best rock concert all without changing your footwear. Absolutely sublime, just one look and you’ll see why they’ve made my Christmas list.




I’m a self-admitted freeze-baby. I’m always cold, it doesn’t matter if it’s summer, winter or in between. One instance in which I find myself colder than my normal is when I’m travelling. This year has been a big one in terms of long-haul flights and road-trips. During which, my feet always are super chilly – so I’ll bring an extra pair of cosy socks to combat the cold. Usually, they’re made of wool – but cashmere is so toasty and soft that this little treat had to make its way to my Christmas list this year.




A wardrobe staple, in my opinion, is a chunky black roll-neck or turtleneck sweater. Whether you prefer cable knit or a simple knit design, there are so many options out there. They key is though, to find the perfect one that you’ll keep in your wardrobe for years. I’ve got the thin, layer-able turtleneck down – now on to finding the chunkier knit of dreams. Here are a few of my favourites on the market right now:





Back to the travelling point – the reason I’ve added a “hold-all” bag to my Christmas list is because sometimes, some trips don’t require a full-blown suitcase. For example, weekend getaways and city breaks for which the thought of bringing anything larger than a small duffel makes you cringe. I love leather bags – I think they really stand the test of time, but if you’re on a budget – the high street always has great options too.




I’ve mentioned it quite a lot this year – both on Monochrome Minimalist and my social media – that sustainability, and becoming more sustainable in my everyday life, has become a massive goal of mine. Bringing a keep cup (takeaway cup, to-go mug) with you is one way to do so – a small change that can make a large impact. You can’t recycle the cups in which your coffee comes in – no matter how much you’d like to. Trying to eliminate single-use items, like plastic water bottles, coffee cups, plastic bags, etc., can make a huge impact – especially if more people start to make the switch.




I’ve used the same curling iron since I was twelve. Now, nearly eleven years later – I’m looking to replace it. It’s been a workhorse for me over the years – dealing with my poor curly poodle-like hair and making it sleek and shiny on an almost daily basis. There are so many lovely options on the market now, and believe me, one could make a Christmas list purely based on styling tools. However, I’m loyal to my Hot Tools curling iron at the moment – I still love a clamp, and the 1¼ inch barrelled iron is more than perfect for my ideal curl.




I have been on the hunt for the perfect slip dress for about two years now. Not too thin, not too thick. Not too long, and definitely not too short. No bagging behind the waist, suitable for a small bust. Perhaps I’m a little (read: a lot) picky – but I want to find one that not only ticks off these boxes but is also versatile enough to wear for years to come. Oh, and it has to be black. Of course.



Tell me, what’s on your Christmas list? Is it the new piece in the store window you’ve been eyeing? A dream vacation? A lunch with your dearest friend? I’d love to know!

Until next, xoxo.



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