It’s Time to Catch Up: Chasing a Dream, Melting and Knowing What’s Important

Hi guys. As someone that typically doesn’t run out of things to say or struggle with how to phrase difficult topics, I’m finding it quite odd to be sat here writing today. I haven’t done so in a while; which, if you’ve been a follower of Monochrome Minimalist for a while, you’ve probably noticed my usual weekly content dwindle in frequency in the past couple months. I’m not going to lie to you, I’ve sat down in front of my laptop many times trying to find somewhere to start, trying to find something to say, but the words weren’t coming to me. Everything that I started writing felt a bit forced and I didn’t want to start writing on the blog posts that I’m looking forward to creating, as I wanted those to be written whilst in a good, creative head space.

I wouldn’t necessarily call this a season of burn out. That’s happened to me before, and this wasn’t much like that. It wasn’t as though the writing was lifeless and uninspiring, it was that it just wasn’t happening. At all. I’ve been looking for a way to say this for the past couple weeks, but never really found the right words to say.




It’s been a difficult past few months. I know I’m not the only one in the world that’s lost family members. Not even close. However, I think losing people you love hits everyone just a little bit differently. Some go into a bit of a dark place, others just feel a bit stuck. I’m in the category of stuck. Feeling fine – nothing to worry about here, but I’m just lacking a little bit of inspiration on the creative writing front. I lost my Gran a little over two weeks ago. She was a massive source of inspiration for me – from her stories about running around with her friends to how she met my Granddad, she was someone that instilled the belief in me that there is true love out there for everyone, it just doesn’t always come in the form of which you might have expected.

Something that was put into perspective for me in the last few weeks is just how important time is. I don’t just mean the hours in a day or the days in a week, but more so the time spent with your loved ones and your friends. Your family and your colleagues. Time isn’t something you can or should take for granted, as you never know when yours or someone else’s time will be cut short. It’s important to make the most of the time you have with someone. Sharing memories, telling stories, letting walls down, enjoying the intimacy between you. Telling each other your goals, supporting each other, encouraging those around you. There’s always time for that. There’s always time to build stronger relationships, although with today’s ever-busy mindset it doesn’t always seem like it.




You know that dream that’s always on your mind? The one, no matter how hard you may try and shove it aside, that just keeps coming back? Mine is to work for myself. To have the freedom to pick and choose projects that inspire and excite me daily. To have a job in which I look forward to the workdays and don’t just live for the weekends. A job in which retirement is nowhere near on my radar. Guess what? I’ve gotten a glimpse of it.

This week, I’ve begun chasing a dream. I’ve launched a freelance endeavor, quit a job and just somehow have managed to catch my breath amidst all of this. The craziest thing? Owning my own business before graduating from University. That’s unreal to me. It’s not something that I went into University thinking that this was my end goal, that it would be in the cards for me or to be honest, even thought about until roughly a year ago. It’s not something I thought would be a part of my future – but now that it is, building my business, writing a book and looking into public speaking and educational ventures have entered my horizon as larger goals that may be attainable within the next year or two.




The snow around me. FINALLY. On a lighter note, I’ve been telling the people around me many times that I’d like to quit winter for the year. Living in the Midwest, especially Minnesota, we have quite difficult winters. I’m talking, sometimes over five feet of snow, massively sub-zero temperatures and winter that can last for about six months at a time. Crazy, right? But – I’m happy to say that this morning, I’ve had my first iced coffee of the year. It’s over 40 degrees, foggy, rainy and spring is on the way. For some, that weather may seem a little dreary. But for a gal that’s been shut inside hibernating from the cold, being able to venture outside in only a knit and a leather jacket is just heavenly.


It feels good to be writing again. I’ve missed it. Something else I’m actually quite enjoying lately are writing catch-up style posts – almost like diary entries if you will. What do you think of content like this? Is it your cup of tea? Or do you prefer content that has a bit more structure and more of a central theme? I’m curious to know what you think. Until next, xoxo.


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