The Best Loungewear Pieces for Working from Home

Loungewear – it’s pretty much what most of us, including myself, are getting the most wear out of these days. With most places in lock-down, it can be insanely tempting to stay in our pajamas all day.

Trust me, I’ve contemplated it on many occasions.

However – I’m part of the group that feels insanely unmotivated when I wear pajamas all day. It’s really hard to not let pajamas and working from bed become your daily routine – especially if you’ve never been the “work from home” type until you’re now forced to be.

Personally, I’ve been working from home for nearly two years now – something that I am now insanely grateful for (helps with the cabin-fever, for sure). It’s also helped me build up a solid repertoire of loungewear – from the low end of the budget to the high end.

So, if you’re looking for a comfortable boost, here are my favourite loungewear pieces for looking cozy, elegant and put together – no matter the budget you have.

Take a look!



Loungewear under $25

Your comfiest clothes don’t have to be expensive. When I was in university, this was my favourite category – comfortable, on a budget and put together. Let me tell you, there is definitely a way to blend all three.



Loungewear under $50

If you think that it’s hard to find an in-between budget for loungewear – think again! This is where I turn to retailers like Nordstrom, that stock a huge collection of brands and whose sales are fantastic.



Loungewear under $100

Whether you’ve got a low (or high) budget, these are more in the in-between category. Extra comfort and a luxury feel, without the luxury loungewear price tag.



Loungewear over $100

For those of you that have the budget (or the want) to invest in your loungewear category – you’re not alone. Personally, I think that investing in your loungewear (not just now, but for years to come) is a nice way to still feel good about yourself, even when you want to be in your comfiest clothes. Especially if you work from home regularly.



Lingerie to Lounge In

Loungewear doesn’t always need to be casual and cosy fabrics. For those of you that are lingerie lovers and would rather relax in lace and silk, here are are few of my current favourite options.






What do you think? Do you like to invest in your comfortable clothes? Is it something you wear frequently, or only when you’re forced to work from home? Let me know in the comments – I’d love to hear from you!


Until next, xoxo.


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