AVEDA Skincare: The Product that Changed my Skin

Let me just start with saying that I, by no means, have great skin. My skin is rather acne-prone, and can be quite sensitive depending on the season. But one product that always seems to help my skin and give it that little extra boost, is by one of my favourite brands of the moment – Aveda. Just a bit of my background with Aveda, I’ve been getting my hair cut and coloured at their salons for quite some time now, and I started using their skincare line nearly a year and a half ago now. The first products that I tried were from their Green Science line, and my absolute favourite product from that line was the toner. They’ve since changed the formula slightly, and have introduced it as a new range – and I must say, I am absolutely adoring these products at the moment.


aveda skincare, acne-prone skin, Monochrome Minimalist, skincare, beauty


The new range is called the Tulasara range, and its purpose is to ‘visibly transform your skin, and accelerate your journey to glowing, healthy-looking skin‘. The range includes two eye masks, two facial oils, a dry brush, and three concentrates (firm, bright, and calm) for the complexion. The concentrate that I have been using the most out of this range is the ‘Firm’ serum. I absolutely adore this product, primarily because of how it makes my skin look and feel. This serum contains ingredients that are 97% naturally derived, which I love, because that means that there are not going to be a lot of harsh ingredients on my face throughout the day.

The serum lifts and tightens the skin, giving a bright and energetic look to the skin as well. I love putting on this serum before I put on my moisturizer for the day, and I especially notice how good my skin looks when I’m wearing makeup during the day. Any fine lines or in my case, scarring from acne, it fills and softens the appearance of them. My foundation glides on seamlessly over top, and it gives my skin a radiance that it didn’t have before.


aveda skincare, acne-prone skin, Monochrome Minimalist, skincare, beauty


I’ve also noticed that I don’t notice as many active breakouts occurring on my skin. Now that may be because my skin is correcting itself over time, but I think some of the credit should go to this serum as well. My complexion so far has really been reacting well to the blend of ingredients in this serum, and I think that it has calmed down the flare-ups that I used to get rather frequently. And I must mention, the ‘Firm’ serum smells absolutely divine! You can shop this serum here, if you’d like to give it a try!



Do you have any skincare favourites? If so, what are they? Let me know in the comments!

Until next, xoxo.


aveda skincare, acne-prone skin, Monochrome Minimalist, skincare, beauty


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