How to Style Floral Prints for Autumn

Whilst the chill in the air may make whimsical florals a thought far from the forefront of your mind – I find it to be one of the trends that I’ve enjoyed wearing the most of this season. Florals may not be a groundbreaking trend – we have The Devil Wears Prada to thank for that – but it is one that is a classic staple that comes back year after year. However, Autumn usually is not the time that one would normally think of pulling the florals out of their wardrobe to wear consistently – typically we’re used to seeing warm tones and thicker fabrics, ready to be cozied up for the cooler winter months.

This season, I’ve been watching the florals that have come to the high street, and actually have become quite a fan of the way that many retailers are interpreting this staple trend for the current season. I’m talking about the deeper hues that we’re used to seeing in jumpers and trousers making their way into the delicate floral patterns, therefore making them instantly more Autumn-appropriate.


Autumn Fashion | How to Style Florals for Autumn | Monochrome Minimalist



One particular piece that I’ve been getting massive amounts of wear out of is this midi-length floral dress. It’s been a frequent on my Instagram, and in all honesty, one of my favourite pieces of the season. I’ve been interested in the midi-skirt trend for a while and trying to find one that I really enjoy wearing – but upon seeing this dress, I knew that this was the piece that my wardrobe had been missing. It ticks off the box of the midi-length trend, and even though it’s a dress instead of a skirt, it can be styled in a variety of ways for the upcoming colder weather.

In the warmer months, I leaned toward strappy sandals and a dainty necklace to style this dress. Yet, one way that I’ve really been enjoying styling this piece up in the cooler months has been with a pair of Chelsea boots and a tan sweater. I love being able to take one piece and being able to wear it at least five different ways. It makes the cost per wear go straight down and means that you’re getting the absolute most out of the piece you’ve added to your wardrobe.


Autumn Fashion | How to Style Florals for Autumn | Monochrome Minimalist



Autumn is one of my favourite seasons for fashion. Think lots of layers, deep neutral palettes and rich accent colours, chunky knits and leather boots – not to mention, beautifully tailored outerwear. Autumn fashion is one of the most experimental in terms of trends – it’s almost as though anything goes, and to be honest, that’s part of the reason that I really enjoy it. Florals, whilst typically thought to be a Spring/Summer trend, have made their way into the shops for Autumn – but in different ways than we’re used to seeing them. Last season, micro-florals were all the rage. This season, it seems as though the larger floral prints are dominating the shops – some of my personal favourites being Banana Republic and H&M.


Trend Alert: Autumnal Florals


Retailers on the high street and higher end are putting out florals in ways that are unexpected – floral is becoming a widely popular trouser print, as well as midi-skirts and even the bomber jacket has gotten a floral trend update. It’s quite refreshing to see retailers bringing pieces like this out in the Autumn season because it’s not what one would typically think of for an autumnal look. However, this unexpected floral twist is part of the reason I’m really enjoying it. One way to style a statement floral piece is to tone down the rest of your look and to let the florals dominate. My favourite way to do this would be an all-black or all-cream look and let a pair of statement trousers take center stage. Matching the monochrome aspect of your look to one of the accent colours in the floral pattern is the perfect way to ensure a captivating look that is on trend and quite eye-catching indeed.


Autumn Fashion | How to Style Florals for Autumn | Monochrome Minimalist


How do you feel about the autumnal floral trend? Are you enjoying it? Will you add any autumnal florals to your wardrobe, or are you the type to stick to a classic autumn fashion look? I’d love to hear your opinions in the comments! Until next, xoxo.


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