Is This the Perfect Afternoon Pick-Me-Up?

I’m sure you all know the feeling – the late afternoon lull, eyelids starting to droop a bit, and you’re just waiting for the second wind that cannot seem to kick in yet. For some reason, I always feel as though this happens when I have the busiest days. All of the sudden, during a break in the day, it hits. And unless you’ve got a quick pick-me-up in reach, you’ll have a case of the yawns in no time at all.


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Nespresso is no stranger in the coffee-world. You’ve probably all heard of this internationally-famous coffee brand. Recently, I had stopped into a shop with a Nespresso boutique with my mum in hopes to find some new capsules to give a try. We did not leave disappointed, in fact, we left with four new sleeves of capsules that have gotten some serious love in the short time that they’ve been in the cupboard. We’ve found four new favourites, and I can honestly say that I’m so happy with our choices.


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This is the espresso capsule to try if you love drinking coffee in the morning. Nespresso describes Envivo Lungo to have ‘potent character and a full body, roasted notes and rich scents reminiscent of aromatic woods and gingerbread.’ I quite like this in my morning latte – I’ve even had a friend taking to calling me ‘latte’, due to how many of them I enjoy. I tend to drink a darker roast in the morning, and this capsule perfectly fits the bill. It is a rather intense blend, but I just cannot get enough of it.


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For those of you that are espresso lovers, yet are looking for a blend that’s a bit milder than a lot of Nespresso’s capsules – then the Roma blend is for you. A short espresso with ‘woody and roasted notes, accompanied by delicate aromas‘ this capsule is the one of my favourite picks for an early afternoon latte. I love the flavour of this blend, it is still an intense coffee – but more mild than the Envivo or Fortissio.


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One of the more intense options in this little mini-selection, Fortissio Lungo is ‘a full-bodied lungo, with a distinguished aromatic profile and rich with cereal notes.’ It’s a very smooth blend with a rich flavour. This is a capsule that I would probably go for in the late morning/early afternoon. It’s one of the more intense options in the range, and if you are a fan of a bitter blend with a smooth finish – then I’d recommend that you give this capsule a go.


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Master Origin Coloumbia

Let me just say, this capsule is my absolute favourite for an afternoon pick-me-up. Master Origin Colombia is a fruity and balanced blend, said to have ‘typical notes of red fruits jam, as well as echoing winey flavours like red fruit, black currents, cranberries, and red currants.’ As this is a lighter roast, it is less intense and full-bodied than the past three capsules. I love the fruity notes in this blend, perfect with just a spot of milk for a quick caffeine boost in the afternoon.


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Are you a Nespresso fan too? If so, what are your favourite capsule options? Let me know in the comments!

Until next, xoxo.


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