Monochrome Minimalist: The blog for on-the-go city gals with a keen eye for sophisticated, edgy fashion, a lust for travel and a keenness for an epic bar cart that will be the envy of every host and hostess. It goes without saying, there’s something here for everyone – the topics are vast, but all lead down to this: a genuine curiosity for the world around us and the simplest pleasures that can be sought out in every day.



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About Gretchen

Hello! My name is Gretchen, the voice behind Monochrome Minimalist. I am a fashion, travel and lifestyle blogger, writer, photographer, business owner and a total sucker for a cute kitten. I graduated from the University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire with a degree in Advertising and Communications; though it was a digital marketing internship in London that sold me for a lifelong career in writing.

When I was younger, I was the type to usually be found in a GAP sweatshirt, baggy denim and work boots (except for the rare occasion that I went for a pink bikini and heart-shaped sunglasses). Times (and the daily uniform) have certainly changed quite a bit since those days.

If you were to run into me now, it would likely be at a cafĂ© that’s full to the brim with delicious aromas, coffee, mouth-watering pastries and interiors to lust over.

Monochrome Minimalist is a space that is modeled after what would be my ideal magazine; and it is filled to the brim with content that readers may hopefully enjoy. With a wide range of topics from travel tips to fashion, editorials to exquisite boutique hotels – there’s something here for everyone.


Monochrome Minimalist began in 2017, though content then was much more fashion-focused and much shorter in word length than it is today.

Either way, whether long-form or short articles – there’s one thing that Monochrome Minimalist will never lack. That, my friends, is a heck of a lot of passion and readers like you that make my job all the better.






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