4 Reasons to Keep a Leather Jacket in Your Autumn Winter Wardrobe

As the wind starts howling and the air gets colder, one starts to reach inside their wardrobe for their favourite outerwear pieces. The piece chosen typically checks the boxes of warm, practical, chic and stylish. There comes a certain point between autumn and winter that it is not quite cold enough to be reaching for the wool coats, but one still needs a good jacket to keep warm from the briskness in the air – this is where a leather jacket comes into play. Whether you’re interested in genuine leather or faux, there is (in my opinion) a jacket out there for everyone – and I’ve come up with four reasons as to why a leather jacket should be in your A/W wardrobe rotation.


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Firstly, not all silhouettes are the same. Whether you have an edgy sense of style or prefer more of a feminine twist, there is certainly a silhouette that will tickle your fancy. I tend to favour a biker style jacket with a touch of quilting in a matte black finish – All Saints does a lovely range of this style in many colours, and plenty of other styles that suit many tastes in fashion. One thing to look for when choosing the silhouette of the jacket is considering how it will fit into your current wardrobe. I am a strong believer in the “cost per wear” model – meaning that if you wouldn’t reach for the jacket very often, then it may not be worth the money. This is true for any price point, whether it be $50 or $500.


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Touching on the cost of the jacket, there are many price points for this staple wardrobe piece. If you’re a little unsure about investing in a designer jacket – there are still many affordable options in high street shops. The high street is always a great place to look if you’re unsure of a new trend piece or silhouette. Often the price points are much lower than the designer pieces, which allows you to test the waters before deciding whether you’d like to splurge on an investment piece or not.


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In terms of leather jackets, those found on the high street are faux leather more often than not. There are some shops that do carry genuine leather pieces, but the price reflects the higher quality materials. If you’re on the hunt for a good shop to find your dream jacket, I’d suggest starting in H&M, Reiss and All Saints. Each of these shops have a different price point – one trick I like to use is to find inspiration in the higher price point shops, then hunt through the high street shops for the perfect dupe.


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You don’t just have to go for a brown or black leather. The beauty of the jacket is that it can be made from the classic black or brown colours, but also can be done in a canary yellow, blush pink, or a fiery red. The colour choice is essential to the personality of the jacket. If you have a feminine style sense with a harder edge, maybe go for a biker jacket in the blush pink shade. If you’re trend led, opt for a red leather jacket with a patent finish.


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Lastly, leather jackets are the perfect staple piece for any autumn/winter wardrobe. They can be reused season after season, especially if you go for a more classic shape and colour. Personally, I have always been keen on the leather jacket. I think they are quite sleek and fit multiple style personalities. The leather jacket will likely not go out of fashion at any point in the near future – and if I’m being honest, staying power for any wardrobe essential always makes me feel as though it would be a piece that I could invest a little more in.


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What are your autumn/winter wardrobe essentials? Are you a fan of leather jackets? Let me know in the comments! Until next, xoxo.


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