3 Tips for a Timeless Wardrobe

One of my main goals when looking for pieces to add to my wardrobe is to add items that will last for years instead of just for the season. Personally, I like to look for pieces that will allow me to curate an expensive-looking, timeless wardrobe. Expensive and timeless can mean different things to many people. In my opinion – it’s looking season-less and not being led by trends. That being said, the trends I do invest in tend to be lesser expensive; giving the trend a ‘test-run’ in my wardrobe before investing a large amount of money in something that I may perhaps tire of in the near future.

As previously mentioned, a timeless wardrobe is something that I’ve been striving for in recent years. Along the way of trying to curate my style and figuring out what works best for me, I’ve picked up some tips that I’d like to share on how to build a collection of pieces that never feel dated, and are in fact, timeless.


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For the past few years, I’ve started to adopt this strategy when it comes to bringing new bits into my wardrobe. In simpler terms, quality over quantity. When I was younger, I would nip into chain stores whose price point was low and it was reflected in the quality of the items that I was purchasing. These were a bit more trend-led, as this was around the time that ‘fitting in’ was more important than having a personal sense of style.

I happen to now be singing quite a different song when it comes to deciding what I’m going to add to my wardrobe. I’m more willing now to spend a bit more on an item if I know that it will last in my wardrobe for a long time and is something that I will continually reach for again and again.



Timeless Wardrobe - Monochrome MinimalistMonochrome Minimalist - Timeless Wardrobe




One of the key aspects of building a timeless wardrobe is looking for timeless pieces. Easy enough to follow, right? This is a style guideline that I like to follow, because it gives me a little bit more room to experiment with statement pieces as well. Sometimes trend-led pieces do catch my eye – and my tip for selecting trend-led items for your wardrobe is to opt for trending patterns and colours in a classic silhouette.

A good example would be the Graff Leather Jacket from All Saints. This jacket is cut in the Balfern style, a best-selling classic style that All Saints is known for. They’ve managed to spice up the jacket this season with graffiti detailing whilst keeping the silhouette classic – meaning even if the trend goes out of style in a few seasons, the cut of the jacket will keep the item in fashion for years to come.



Timeless Wardrobe - Monochrome MinimalistTimeless Wardrobe - Monochrome Minimalist




The amount of times I’ve had someone tell me that I need to add some colour into my wardrobe is monumental – if I had a dollar for every time it was said, I’d have been a millionaire five years ago. I love pairing neutrals together. Not only because it makes putting outfits together SO much easier, but because there is something quite modern and timeless about having a neutral-based wardrobe.

Personally, I think there is something quite elegant about mixing neutrals together. They have the ability to always look very expensive, timeless and modern. Some of my most worn pieces in my neutral-based wardrobe have been my tailored blazer and nude trousers from White House Black Market. Both of these pieces have the versatility to be dressed up or down and will no-doubt stay in my wardrobe until they wear out.


Are you one to strive for a timeless wardrobe? Do you have any tips that I missed? I would love to hear your thoughts and opinions in the comments below! Until next, xoxo.



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  1. July 28, 2018 / 3:36 am

    I love having a timeless wardrobe. I have so many plain tops in my wardrobe now, but they just look really good with so many things!

    • Monochrome Minimalist
      September 5, 2018 / 4:20 am

      Right?! Especially if they’re neutrals – never the need to worry about if they go together! 🙂

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